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Jerzeys Jamie

Jerzeys Jamie

I screen ALL clients and can't see you unless you pass my screening and I feel comfortable about you.  So, to expedite our first date please e-mail me with the following at  Jamie4u@pm.me :

1. Your name and age

2. Your preferred date, time, duration and location of our first meeting

3. A reference from at least one (two is preferred) well-known companions including their name, e-mail addresses, and website addresses. 

4. Your full P411 ID number if you are a member and have references there. 

Also, tell me anything you'd like to share about yourself or you think I should know about you - what you're like, your interests, favorite pastimes, etc.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for verification, or longer if you don't provide all the information requested above in your first e-mail.  Also, if you don't have references, let me know and we may be able to find another way of screening you.  But without a reference understand I may not agree to see you.