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Jerzeys Jamie

Jerzeys Jamie

When are you normally available for companionship? Monday through Saturday, 9 am - 9 pm

Do you expect tips or gifts? They are never expected or required, but are always appreciated.

What type of gentleman do you choose to see? I prefer polite gentlemen over the age of 35 who know how to treat a lady respectfully. Good personal hygiene is also very important to me.

Can we meet between dates? No, I do not meet my clients outside of our scheduled dates.

Do you ever do multi-day dates? Possibly with the right person.

Why don't you show your face? I prefer to be discreet.

Do you drink, smoke or use any drugs? I rarely drink, only a glass of sweet, white wine once in awhile,
and I do not smoke or use any drugs. I prefer that you do not consume alcohol excessively or use any drugs before or during our time together.

How soon can I expect you to respond to my e-mails? E-mail responsiveness is not one of my strong points. So, please be patient if I don't respond to one of your e-mails right away.

Do you accept senior citizens? Yes, I love senior citizens!