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Jerzeys Jamie

Jerzeys Jamie

"Jamie is one of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet in this life, and like her smile, her personality can literally light up a room. The "JAMIE EXPERIENCE" is one of the best, most fulfilling, most pleasurable experiences you will ever have with any lady, anywhere. You cannot go wrong with the wonderful Jamie!!!!!"

"An incredibly sweet girl focused on making you happy; a curvy, sexy body that could qualify for any ‘best legs,’ ‘best ass,’ or ‘best breasts’ contest.."

"Jamie is one of the sweetest, most likable women I’ve ever known. She has a great attitude about life in general and about being a [companion]."

"She is truly South Jersey's best kept secret" ............"What a beautiful woman..."  ....... "She certainly is one of the real gems among the local ladies"

"I've had the pleasure of seeing Jamie a number of times, and if there is any word that describes her perfectly it's genuine."

"It's cool how Jamie's website and pix mirror her personality - down-to-earth, very real, and oh-so-attractive."

"I just love Jamie’s spirit....shes got a heart of gold...I could go on and on....all through life you meet people...some leave an impression that last a lifetime...Jamie is surely one of those people...thank you, Jamie...I’m glad I met you...."

"Nothing about our time together felt routine, but everything about our time together felt genuine." ........"I could not think of anybody better then Jamie to spend the time with. She is the best in my book."

"Jamie is someone you just can't get enough of." ......"It is only a a half hour trip for me to see Jamie, but however long it is Jamie makes it will worth the drive. "

"It's not so much her physical attributes, which stand quite well on their own, but that 'je ne sais qua' she possesses that absolutely convinces you that her full intention is to make you feel as though she was placed on this planet for naught but your satisfaction - and she's enjoying the HELL out of herself doing it."

"One continues to be amazed as to the purity she brings [to being a companion] - she is special."  .........."She is such a great lady, I wish she was closer to me. If she was closer I would have seen her mulltiple times by now. She is so sweet and such a genuine person, oh yeah she is awesome [in other ways] as well!"

"She was a total sweetheart and it was an amazing time."

"When she walked into my room, Jamie looked like she was just back from a PTA meeting, but I can say that my session with Jamie was one that will difficult to duplicate. I've had some amazing sessions but my time with Jamie was sensual without being too over the top."

"In addition to being all that is said about her in her reviews, she remains one of the nicest ladies you will meet.....She just takes care of her guys!"